English Education Alumni Meeting

ENGLISH EDU – On Saturday, March 27th 2021, English Language Education Study held an as well as the English Education Alumni Meeting.

This program aims to strengthen the relationship among lecturers and alumni and also alumni from various academic years. This theme of the program was “We Share We care”.

The program allows some alumni to share experiences to motivate the others. This program runs virtually to minimize the transmission of the covid virus disease.

 Apart from sharing experiences, the program also had question and answer session in order to have two-way communication between the audience and the presenters.

The alumni who shared their experiences were currently working abroad with different professions. They were Maijesty Saragih who works as a kindergarten teacher in Germany and Asti Aryadini who works as a founder of a visa-making company in Australia whose job is to help students make visas to study in Australia.

The two alumni shared experiences as well as tricks and tips for a career abroad. The two alumni also gave advicesnot to give up trying everything and always made efforts to achieve our dreams.

The head of ELESP hopes that the board will have other great programs to be implemented in the future.

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